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Meet Your Challenge Leaders


The she-wizard behind energetic sales and holistic business coach for empath entrepreneurs, she had a $100K launch and has sold-out over 15 online courses using social media.

Anne Marie

The online course enthusiast and passive income pro behind Grass Fed Salsa. She makes 6 figures in her wellness business by focusing on email marketing sales strategies and passive income systems.


The Nutritional Therapist and IG story expert from Rooted in Healing. After less than 2 years in business, she hits 5 figure months selling through Instagram and email marketing alone.

Struggling to make sales of your services, courses, or network marketing products?

You're not alone... we did too!

We struggled to bring in consistent income.
We never knew what or how to share on social media or in emails without sounding ‘salesy’
We would either share willy-nilly… or not at all.
Some days we spent hours on IG with nothing to show for it.
Then we implemented soulful selling strategy, and within a year we had grown our IG following to over 75k total followers,  hit high ranks in our network marketing businesses, had 5- and 6- figure launches of our courses, and quit our jobs to run our wellness businesses full time.

We put the Soul’d Out Sales Challenge together, because we want to show you that it’s possible for you release the fear around selling so you can make money easily, too!

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